Club Information

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Capital Area Progressive Democrats have been an integral part of the Austin community for the past 25 years and is comprised of young progressional and workforce veterans seeking to make Austin a vibrant, welcoming, and equitable city. We support and help Democrats get elected up and down the ballot and support progressive issues that impact all residents of Austin, Texas, and the nation.

CAPD meetings are held on the first Tuesday of the month at 5:30 p.m at the Texas AFL-CIO offices (1106 Lavaca St.).


Members are the heart of CAPD.  Membership is only $10 by cash or check.  Membership can also be paid online with an additional $1 service fee.  Membership purchased will maintain your active membership through the upcoming May 31st.

Pay online Capital Area Progressive Democrats
P.O. Box 413
Austin, Texas 78767

Executive Committee

Pedro A. Villalobos, Chair
Bianca Garcia, Vice Chair for Endorsements
Andrew Williams, Vice Chair for Membership
Maggie Ellis, Secretary
Laura Kolstad, Treasurer
Catherine O’Neill, Managing Editor, Website
Ken Craig, Programs Committee Chair
Andre Treiber, Communications & Public Relations Committee Chair
Saurah Tabrizi, Fundraising Committee Chair
Sean O’Neill, Counselor
Craig Moore, Youth Liaison

Club History

The founders of CAPD were Bill Carlon, Kevin and Sheryl Cole, Ms. Willie Gage, Jerry and Didi Garcia, Obie Greenlee, Carl Hubbell, and Gerard and Jeanette Washington.

Jerry Garcia came up with the name of the organization, Capital Area Progressive Democrats. Bill Carlon chaired the committee that drafted CAPD’s bylaws. Jerry wanted the organization to focus on community outreach; Bill thought that CAPD should focus on Democratic candidate endorsements and work to elect Democrats.

The thing that we all agreed on was that we would work to build an organization that was diverse and welcomed all Democrats regardless of their race, gender, age, sexual orientation. We wanted an organization that would welcome people who wanted to be involved in the democratic process that may have not felt comfortable in getting involved in what is sometimes a confusing and complicated process.

Part of the reason CAPD has been successful over these past 20 years is because of the people who supported us in the early days, including State Representative Elliott Naishstat, Congressman Lloyd Doggett, and Kirk Watson who was Travis County Chair at the time! We have also been blessed with wonderful leaders that understood the mission of CAPD that kept the organization focused on the mission. These leaders included people like Cecilia Crossley, Ken Craig, Shirley Johnson, Sarah Shaw, Cindy Metcalf, James Nortey, Martha Johnson, Virginia Schilz, Chuck King, James and Marge Ferrell, Gary Cobb, Efrain De La Fuente, John Lipscombe, Dona Tabrizi, Saurah Tabrizi, Eva Gonzales, Ellen Hansen, and Laura Kolstad to name a few.

Gerard Washington