24th Annual KickAss Awards

Wednesday, September 12, 2018
Happy Hour: 5pm – 6pm, Program and Dinner: 6pm – 7pm

St.David’s Episcopal Church, 301 E. 8th St.

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Ken Craig * Hon. Lloyd Doggett * Hon. Celia Israel
Hon. John Lipscombe * James Nortey * Sean & Catherine O’Neill
Joe & Janis Pinnelli * Gerard & Jeanette Washington

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Hon. Steve Adler * Hon. Carlos Barrera * Gary Cobb
Hon. Sheryl Cole * Hon. Karin Crump * Hon. Elisabeth Earle
Mary Ann Espiritu * Alberto Garcia * Bianca Garcia
Hon. Raul Gonzalez * Hon. Sally Hernandez * Hon. Chuck Herring
Hon. Gina Hinojosa * Hon. Donna Howard * Laura Kolstad
Jessica Mangrum * Hon. Glen Maxey * Mark McCulloch
Hon. Amy Clark Meachum * Barbara Mink * Hon. Elliott Naishtat
Julie Oliver * Beverly G. Reeves * Hon. Karen Sage
Arati Singh * Hon. Eric Shepperd * Dona Avery Tabrizi
Hon. George C. & Jolsna Thomas * Hon. Jeff Travillion
Lesley Varghese & Dr. Harry Thomas * Nancy Williams * Hon. Todd Wong

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Hon. Cindy Anderson * Greg Anderson * Rich Bailey
Hon. Cliff Brown * John Bucy * David Butts
Hon. Nick Chu * Rick Cofer * Carrie Collier-Brown
Hon. Jim Coronado * Cecilia Crossley * Rich DePalma
Hon. Elena Diaz * Hon. Bruce Elfant * Lulu Flores
Edward Garris * Hon. Vincent Harding * Hon. Nancy Hohengarten
Silvia Holmes * Austin Kaplan * Jack Kirfman
Hon. Ann Kitchen * Bobby Levinski * Mark Littlefield
Hon. Carlos Lopez * Hon. Aurora Martinez Jones * Catherine Mauzy
Craig Moore * Hon. Margaret Moore * Hon. George Morales
Hon. Laura Morrison * Hon. Brandy Mueller * Hon. Tamara Needles
Linda O’Neal * Jovita Pardo * Beth Payan
Chris Perri * Hon. Leslie Pool * Hon. Velva Price
Hon. Sabino “Pio” Renteria * Hon. Eddie Rodriguez * Hon. Brigid Shea
Hon. Jan Soifer * Hon. Tim Sulak * Walter Timberlake
Carmen Tilton * Hon. Kathie Tovo * Hon. Gisela Triana
Hon. Brad Urrutia * Hon. David Wahlberg * Hon. Kim Williams

Capital Area Progressive Democrats have been an integral part of the Austin community for the past 24 years. We support and help Democrats get elected up and down the ballot and support progressive issues that impact all residents of Austin, Texas, and the nation.

2018 Awardees

Emma S. Barrientos Lifetime Achievement Award

Gerard Washington

Gerard Washington is a progressive Democratic force to be reckoned with because he has shaped Austin politics for several decades. As a founder of CAPD, Gerard has and continues to work towards making our organization one which values diversity and welcomes all Democrats regardless of their race, gender, age, or sexual orientation. Gerard has served as President of Black Austin Democrats and currently serves Travis County as a Precinct Chair. Gerard brings to the table people who may not have felt comfortable in getting involved in what is sometimes a confusing and complicated process.

This award is given to an individual whose body of work over their lifetime best demonstrates both the mission of CAPD and the selfless and enduring nature of Emma S. Barrientos’ actions on behalf of the people of Travis County.

Shirley Johnson Legacy Memorial

Eva Gonzales

Eva Gonzales bought smiles and a positive, can-do attitude to CAPD. Eva was an officer of CAPD, a lifelong progressive Democrat, and a proud member of The Unruly Mob. Moreover, Eva’s joy extended beyond Democratic circles. Eva served as the President of the Winters Building chapter of Toastmasters International and was a singer in the Tapestry Singers, the Department of Aging and Disability Services (“DADS”) Black History Choir, and the University United Methodist Church choir. Eva efforts made Inside Books one of CAPD’s favorite non-profit and helped make The KickAss Award the successful event it is today.

This recognition is given in remembrance of deceased members of CAPD who had a profound impact on the legacy of our organization.


KickAss Award Honoree

Judge Elisabeth Earle

Judge Elisabeth Earle is a proud Austin native. Earle began her legal career as a prosecutor with the Travis County Attorney’s Office where she prosecuted domestic violence cases. In 1998, she was appointed Municipal Court Judge for the City of Austin and, in 1999, was named the first Presiding Judge of the Downtown Austin Community Court. In 2002, Earle won her election to the County Court at Law #7 bench and has been re-elected five times. Earle founded the Travis County DWI Court which provides an intensive, judicially supervised program of team-based counseling, treatment, and supervision to alcohol/substance dependent DWI offenders. In 2011, Earle was voted by her peers to serve as Presiding Judge over the County Court at Law Judges.

This award is given to a Democrat who is making a difference in our community.

KickAss Award Honoree

Sheriff Sally Hernandez

Elected in November 2016, Sally Hernandez is currently serving her first term as Sheriff. A 35 year law enforcement officer, Hernandez started her career in 1981, as a night dispatcher, in order to take care of her special needs child during the day. She has served Travis County as a Deputy Constable, Sergeant Investigator, Chief of Investigations, and Constable (Precinct Three). During her tenure as Constable, her office was recognized by a number of law enforcement municipalities in her jurisdiction for outstanding service and partnership. Hernandez took office as Sheriff in January 2017 and holds the distinction of being one of only six women out of 254 who currently serve as sheriff in the state of Texas. As Sheriff, Sally implemented a sanctuary city policy and focused on diverting those with mental illness out of the jail.

This award is given to a Democrat who is making a difference in our community.

KickAss Award Honoree

Judge Yvonne M. Williams

Judge Yvonne M. Williams has been the Justice of the Peace, Precinct One since 2011. Williams began her legal career representing plaintiffs in discrimination lawsuits and South African anti-apartheid civil disobedience actions. Williams has been committed to fighting truancy by advocating to decriminalize truancy cases and by disrupting the school to prison pipeline. Precinct One has expunge over 15,000 juvenile truancy cases since truancy cases were decriminalized. Williams continues her juvenile justice reform initiatives with the help of Prairie View A&M University’s Texas Juvenile Crime Prevention Center and The University of Texas Division of Diversity and Community Engagement. Williams is an adjunct instructor at the Austin Community college where she teaches in the paralegal department.

This award is given to a Democrat who is making a difference in our community.