CAPD Officers 2015-2016

Cecilia Crossley – Chair/President
Rick Cofer – Vice Chair for Endorsement
Sean O’Neill – Vice Chair for Membership
Edward Garris – Secretary
Deena Estrada-Salinas – Treasurer
Eva Gonzales – Editor-Newsletter/Website
Ken Craig – Program Committee Chair
Catherine O’Neill – Communications Chair
Barbara Rush – Fundraising Committee Chair
James Nortey – Counselor
Saurah Tabrizi – Youth Liaison

Many thanks to those who have agreed to serve on the CAPD Board for the 2015-2016 year.  And thanks to those who have served our organization in 2014-2015:

Ken Craig thank you for serving as the President for these past three years. Your leadership help to reinvigorate CAPD civic, moral and progressive involvement in the Austin Community by encouraging our active participation and support of affordable housing in Austin. You help to put CAPD at the forefront of the affordable housing movement and asking and helping our city leaders to focus on making Austin an affordable community for all of its citizens.

Chantal Eldridge thank you for your enthusiastic participation in CAPD this past year as our Secretary. Your positive approach to working with people and dealing with issues help to provide an open and comfortable atmosphere when CAPD met.

Ellen Hansen we will miss you as our Program Chair, you did an outstanding job of bringing in speakers at CAPD meetings who help to educate us about issues that impact our community, ranging from, asking our city and/or county to implement a program calling for the creation of Sobriety Centers to hearing presentations from organizations like Green Doors who help to provide housing for a variety of people struggling with poverty/homelessness, including veterans, persons with disabilities, and single parent families.

Dona Tabrizi thank you for taking on the difficult and often thankless job of Fundraising Chair.  We are appreciative of the work and time you put into fulfilling the responsibilities of this position.

John Lipscombe, Gerard Washington, and Laura Kolstad you are valued behind-the-scenes players within our organization, thank you for your participation, support and encouragement this past year.


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